I am Josh, the Raging Dad.

About Raging Dad

Raging Dad, né Josh, is the father of three wonderful children: “Connie,” age 9; “Michael” and “Sonny,” ages 7. That’s a pair of twins and a singleton. He charges admission at the door. They live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area with the most amazing Raging Mom in the world.

Raging Dad is a communications professional; a recently graduated grad student; an aficionado of film, music, books and comics; and an advocate of public transit. He and his Raging Family moved from Minneapolis to the Pacific Northwest in 2006, spent five years there and then moved back to the Twin Cities in the spring of 2011.

About this blog

This is a blog for parents. Mostly, it’s for dads.

I am writing to help me verbalize and reflect on the constant insanity that is involved in raising kids. I hope I can inspire a few laughs and cause a few, “Awws.” If I am lucky, maybe I’ll be able to speak to dads who:

  • have young children and wonder: “How can I love this little person so much and still find myself acting like a raging lunatic?”
  • want to be amazing, super-dads all of the time; yet, are disappointed with how they break under the pressure.
  • find themselves suddenly unable to freely enjoy hobbies and activities because they are engaged in the challenging, but amazing, work of raising a family.

I will celebrate the ways of overcoming these things. I will celebrate my children and my wife. I will celebrate the humor in the absurd. I admit that I am a deeply flawed man, who is trying to figure all this shit out the best I can. This will be a place for stories about how one dad continually strives to be an excellent father despite these challenges.

Note: the mural of De Niro from “Raging Bull” used in the header of this blog was made by artist Eric Milan, based on the theatrical poster. Pretty cool, eh? His Web site is http://www.muralstampa.com/.

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